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Fibreglass offers a longterm, cost effective and highly durable solution to most flat roof problems. Laid properly it can for 50 years or more. Rooftight are Cure It trained installers of fibreglass roofing in Sleaford and Lincoln.
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Why Fiberglass?

Why Fibreglass


Fibreglass is a cost effective and hardwearing alternative to lead and felt roofing. Also known as GRP roofing, this material properly laid will last for 50 years or more without any noticeable deterioration. Laid as a continuous sheet there is no bubbling and it can be fitted in one day.

Other benefits of this product include:

Fire retardant (BS476-3 EXT.F.AB)

Easy and quick to Install

Available in a number of colours and finishes

Can be used almost anywhere, domestic or commercial roofs, garages, balconies, walkways, even pools and ponds.

UV Resistant


No seams or joints, one continuous membrane is laid.

Resistant to wind uplift

Aesthetically pleasing


What is Fibreglass?

Fibreglass experimentation started as far back as the the 1800’s but the fibreglass we know today was made in 1932 by mistake!  Fibreglass is a type of fibre reinforced plastic where the reinforced fibre is in fact ‘glass fibre’. It was first used commercially in the production of boats which reflects its strength a durability.



What does GRP mean?

Glass Reinforced Plastic, the technical name for Fibreglass.

Why is it cheaper?

Fibreglass is cold laid and therefore the insurance premiums often associated with installers using high temperature’s do not apply.

Fibreglass roofing systems last for 30 years or more and require little or no maintenance therefore making it cheaper on a year on year basis.

How long does it take to Cure?

Usually around 1 Hour.

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Introduction to Cure-It GRP Flat Roofing

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