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Most flat roofs in the UK are made of metal (lead, copper or zinc), felt, asphalt or similar. Whether your existing roof is in need of repair or you are building a new one, Rooftight have the experience and knowledge you need, we can diagnose problems and offer solutions. Please read on for your questions answered.

1. I have a felt roof that holds water in certain sections.


This effect is known as ponding. Flat roofs are not technically flat and should have a minimum gradient of 1:40. However if this is not done correctly or the structure is is altered over time (usually due to foot traffic) then ‘ponding’ can occur.  If the water remains this creates a perfect environment for moss growth and over time the water can freeze and thaw causing further problems. In the short term there is no cause for alarm, however in the long term the weight of the water can cause sagging of the rafters, leading to cracks in the membrane and eventual leaking.

2. I have a felt roof with bubbles in it!


This is known as blistering. Sometimes water can become trapped between the layers of felt. Over the seasons temperature changes will cause this water to freeze and thaw causing cracks to appear and leaks to occur.

3. My roof has cracks on it.


These sorts of cracks commonly occur on Asphalt and are as a result of severe changes in temperature over time. Severe cracking can lead to leaking.

4. If the roof is leaking or broken, do I need to repair the whole thing?

No. Any part of a roof can be repaired but consideration should be given to the following:

  • Repairing of one area does not ensure that future repairs are not needed and the added cost of future damage should be taken into account
  • Lead is currently expensive and therefore a popular item for theft on the scrap market
  • The problem you have may not be due to the substance your roof is covered in but the structure of the roof itself, this must be identified at the outset

5. What is my alternative to felt repair?

Fibreglass is a fantastic alternative. Using fibreglass can create an aesthetically pleasing and useable roof space.  This strong and durable material has little intrinsic value and therefore is not attactive to thieves. More properties and benefits of this material can be read here.

6. Can GRP go on any roof?

Yes. You will commonly find GRP on:

  • Flat roof extensions
  • Flat garage roof’s
  • Balcony Roof’s
  • Shed Roof’s
  • Pitched Roof’
  • Vertical Walls
  • Swimming Pools
  • Fish Ponds